Favorite Things: Part I

Price tags mockup

I’ve been doing a little spring cleaning and spring buying (whoops!) in preparation for spring. Because its winter. This has encouraged me to encourage you to replace the old with the new. That totally rhymed without me trying at all. This week I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things! I have so many favorites that I need to break it up. Today I’ll talk dance wear and we’ll hit some other key favorites somewhere along the line.

Discount Dance Supply (DDS) is my favorite place to purchase dance wear. They’ve got great prices and a great selection. Need I say more?

I absolutely hate dancing barefoot because I have the. worst. feet. When I get pedicures I always have to apologize. I mean, they aren’t like cavemen feet but they’ve got some personality. Anyway, growing up we wore all kinds of dance shoes and then in high school it became soooo popular to be barefoot or wear socks. This trend has continued but not for me. I was like, heck no! So I wear these Capezio Adult “Juliet” Canvas Split-Sole Ballet Shoes.


I wear them for every class, except tap of course. But they are thin enough that you get the feeling of the floor without the burns and callouses. I also love the way they shape my feet since I have a weak arch. So yeah, these are my seriously my fav.

I’m old so you aren’t going to find me in booty shorts anymore. That is why I love these:


I actually have a pair similar to these Sugar and Bruno Bubble Shorts, but mine are Funky Diva brand. Sadly, it doesn’t appear the Funky Diva ones are still being sold. Anyway, the reason I love these shorts:

(a) I can wear bloomers underneath instead of booty shorts
(b) they cover all of my problem areas
(c) they are soooooooooo comfy
(d) I still feel hip and sassy

So, I love sports bras with cute back straps. My favorite ones are from Old Navy (Light Support Strappy Sports Bra) but they rotate their stock pretty frequently. I always buy mine on clearance… because I’m cheap and also because nothing at Old Navy is worth full price. Check out this similarly adorbs KOS-USA Womens Gathered Sports Bra. It will totally give you cool-girl vibes, but with support. You know what I mean, ladies?!


And to top it off, I love to throw on a long sleeve before and after class to keep my body from a state of shock. I’m totally going to tell you an almost, not really secret… I shop clearance at Walmart a smidge too often. This Athletic Works Men’s Long Sleeve Practice Tee is cheap and kind of the best thing ever. I got a small and its loose, comfy and totally practical. Plus its less than $5.


But if you’re not interested in men’s long sleeve shirts from Walmart, I don’t really blame you. This Body Wrappers Adult Striped Knit Boatneck Warm Up Top is super cute too.


I guess that’s it, folks! These are a few of my favorite (dance) things. I’d love to hear some of yours as I am always looking for great items… at a great price! Until next week…


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